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1. Windows Event Log Monitors – SolarWinds Documentation

Windows Event Log Monitors are SAM component monitors that scan Windows Event Logs for recent events that match your defined criteria. Read more

2. Event Log monitor – SolarWinds Documentation

SolarWinds recommends using the default 300 second timing intervals between scans. The Event Log monitor queries the Event Log via the WMI service, and this┬á… Read more

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3. Event Log Monitoring for Windows – SolarWinds

SolarWinds┬« Log Analyzer is designed to reduce the log ÔÇťnoiseÔÇŁ and let you focus on the log data that matters most. Use SolarWinds Log Analyzer to monitor,┬á… Read more

4. Windows Event log Monitor – Forum – THWACK

01.03.2021 ÔÇö I was unable to show any logs from solarwinds. Can anyone help me how i can achieve this if any future requests come. I have SAM, NPM and other modules┬á… Read more

5. Real-Time Event Log Viewer – SolarWinds Documentation

Select an event and click Start Monitoring in the Message Details view. ┬Ě Modify the Component Monitor based on the application you selected, following the┬á… Read more

6. Create a Windows Event Log Monitor report

04.09.2019 ÔÇö SolarWinds uses cookies on our websites to facilitate and improve your online experience. By continuing to use our website, you consent to our┬á… Read more

7. Display Windows Event Log Monitor messages within alert …

29.11.2018 ÔÇö Learn how to display details about Windows Event Log Monitor messages in the body of emails triggered by alerts configured for SolarWinds┬á… Read more

8. Why Monitor Windows Event Logs? – Geek Speak – Resources

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) completely monitors Windows Event logs across various versions of Windows servers and workstations. It acts as a central┬á… Read more

9. Set up Windows event collection in LA

Disabling log monitoring for a node disables receiving messages from all log sources such as syslogs, traps, etc. Forward Windows events to an Orion agent. Read more

10. Windows Event Log Monitor — Message Details – Forum

New to solarwinds SAM, Running 5.5. From what I have read the Errors in Application Event Log monitoring template is configured to query the Windows Event┬á… Read more

11. Log an alert to the Windows Event Log in the SolarWinds …

When editing or adding an alert, click Add Action in the Trigger or Reset Action section of the Alert Wizard. ┬Ě Select the Windows Event Log option, then click┬á… Read more

12. SAM Windows Event Log Monitor Data in Orion DB – Forum

Can anyone clarify for me where the Event Log Message Details that are pulled by the SAM Windows Event Log Monitors actually end up in the Orion database? Read more

13. Create Report – Specific Windows Event ID – Forum

… add the component ‚Windows Event Log Monitor‘ and configure the same for …┬á… Read more

14. Windows-Ereignisprotokoll├╝berwachung | Kiwi Syslog Server

SolarWinds┬« Kiwi Syslog┬« ist ein benutzerfreundlicher, eigenst├Ąndiger Syslog-Server, der entwickelt wurde, um nicht nur Syslog-Meldungen und SNMP-Traps von┬á… Read more

15. Errors in Application Event Log – SolarWinds Documentation

This component monitor can use both WMI and RPC communication to scan Windows Event Logs for recent events matching your defined criteria. Read more

16. FREE Event Log Forwarder for Windows – SolarWinds

Need a complete solution to consolidate and investigate Windows events? Download and try SolarWinds┬« Log Analyzer┬« to get advanced log management. Event Log┬á… Read more

17. What Is a Windows Event Log? – IT Glossary – SolarWinds

Importance of Windows Event Log Monitoring ┬Ě What is IPv6? IPv6 is the revised version of the Internet protocol designed to overcome the IPv4 limitations and┬á… Read more

18. Custom Windows Event Log monitoring – SolarWinds THWACK

Custom Windows Event Log monitoring … Our developers use custom event logs on our Windows servers, resulting in an application log for each service,┬á… Read more

19. Introducing APM’s new Windows Event Log Monitor – Product Blog …

Orion APM 3.1 shipped last week and offers a brand new frequently-requested component monitorÔÇöthe Windows Event Log Monitor. The event log monitor regularly┬á… Read more

20. Create Windows Event Logs to monitor Failover events

08.11.2018 ÔÇö SolarWinds uses cookies on our websites to facilitate and improve your online experience. By continuing to use our website, you consent to our┬á… Read more

21. Add Windows event log monitoring service to a device – N-able

The Windows event log is a record of all events – information, warnings and errors – produced by a Windows computer. The SolarWinds N-central Windows Event Log┬á… Read more

22. SolarWinds bringt kostenlosen Event Log Consolidator

SolarWinds: Monitoring in Web-Konsole, SIEM mit Datei├╝berwachung ┬Ě Storage-Kapazit├Ąt bei VMware vRealize Log Insight erh├Âhen ┬Ě Vermisste E-Mails in Microsoft┬á… Read more

23. Event Log Monitoring Software Online – Loggly

Centralize all your Windows and SCCM event logs. SolarWinds┬« Loggly┬« can help you with Windows and SCCM event log monitoring with its cloud-based log┬á… Read more

25. 16 Best Event Log Monitor Tools for Analyzing SIEM

03.06.2022 ÔÇö This tool specializes in Windows Event Logs and it runs on Windows Server. Splunk A highly respected free log manager that has paid add-ons for┬á… Read more

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